Crook County Sheriff - Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles that are found abandoned on State or County highways, or on established roads inside the city should be reported to the dispatch center and the appropriate agency will initiate action in accordance with ORS 819.110 and 819.160.

There are circumstances where the Crook County Sheriff's Office cannot tow an abandoned vehicle such as private property or on a roadway in a subdivision that is NOT designated as a "Public Way" such as Prineville Lake Acres II, Ochoco West, Juniper Acres, Conant Basin, and various others.  Even though the property is "Premises open to the public" as designated under ORS 801.400, it is still classified as "Private" for the purposes of vehicle removal under ORS 98.830.  Removal of the vehicle shall be the responsibility of the property owner(s) in accordance with Oregon Law.

For private property tow information, click: Abandoned Vehicle Removal Guidelines

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