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Parole & Probation, also referred to as Community Corrections, is a Division of the Crook County Sheriff’s Office, under Sheriff John Gautney.  The Director of Crook County Community Corrections is Brett Lind.  It is the mission of Community Corrections to enhance public safety and ensure public confidence in the local corrections system.  Community Corrections Staff will pursue the restoration of losses to victims and communities; provide effective services, sanctions, and supervision to help offenders become law-abiding citizens.  As an active partner with our local law enforcement agencies, courts, and district attorney’s office, Community Corrections is committed to actively participate with the community in providing creative public safety strategies and strive to reduce recidivism.

You can find out more about the history of County Community Corrections and State of Oregon Department of Corrections at this link ... 

Supervision Services:

It is our responsibility is to supervise adult criminal offenders residing in Crook County.  These adults have been sentenced to probation by the Court or released to post prison from a State or Local correctional facility.  The Division only supervises Felony Probation cases, State Parole and Post Prison cases, and Local Control Post Prison cases.  The only Misdemeanor cases being supervised are sex offenders.   At any given time, the Division supervises approximately 200-230 cases.   Of those cases, there are approximately 26-30 sex offenders.  The remaining cases range from Felony Driving While Suspended to Murder.  The length of supervision for an offender can range from six months to life.
All offenders placed under community supervision are subject to the general conditions of supervision as set out in ORS (Oregon Revised Statute) 137.54.

Crook County Community Corrections:  541-447-3315

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