Crook County Sheriff - BOR Patrol

The Crook County Sheriff's Office is the lead law enforcement agency at Prineville Reservoir, with patrol services provided on shore under contract with the Bureau of Reclamation.

The Bureau of Reclamation has contracted with the Crook County Sheriff's Office on an annual basis since 1986 to provide supplemental surveillance and law enforcement services.  The assigned BOR Deputy patrols the Bureau of Reclamation area i.e. Prineville Reservoir, Crooked River, Roberts Bay, and the North Shore unimproved Road.  The Deputy also works closely with the Marine Deputies and the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department.  This Deputy enforces all Crook County Ordinances pertaining to Prineville Reservoir as well as State Laws.

If you have any questions about the Bureau of Reclamation land or the Prineville Reservoir please contact the Crook County Sheriff's Office at 541-447-6398 OR the Bureau of Reclamation.


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