Crook County Sheriff - Patrol Services

The patrol division of the Crook County Sheriff’s Office provides initial law enforcement response to all crimes within 2,991 square miles of Crook County, 24 hours a day.  The patrol division provides a high level of service with only 7 deputies and 3 sergeants assigned to the patrol division.  The patrol division, while small in numbers responds to more than 8,000 incidents each year within Crook County.

Deputies are able to handle the high call volume through technology upgrades that include computers in patrol cars that enable deputies to complete virtually any office work from the field. Deputies dictate all reports into a digital file, freeing up time that enables them to remain in the field (providing more prompt service).
The patrol division also works close with other agencies throughout Crook County, such as the Prineville Police Department, Oregon State Police, United States Forest Service, BLM, Crook County Fire and Rescue, Crook County Road Department, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon State Parks and Recreation, Bureau of Reclamation, and Rager Ambulance.
Deputies with the Crook County Sheriff’s Office are required to maintain a high level of professionalism and training in the performance of their duties. 

Each shift is staffed with at least one or two deputies and a sergeant. The division is also commanded by the Undersheriff.

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Rural Patrol includes  ATV, BOR, and Marine

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