Crook County Sheriff - Evidence & Property

The evidence vault at the Crook County Sheriff’s Office contains over 3100 items of physical evidence relating to criminal cases.  The evidence deputy ensures the integrity of all stored evidence.

Items are periodically purged on a case-by-case basis based on instructions from deputies, investigators, the Crook County District Attorney’s Office and state and local laws.

Evidence and property that is no longer needed for court proceedings, and the owner is known, will be released.  The evidence deputy will send a letter to your last known address on your file at the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles stating the property can be picked up.  Evidence and property used in the commission of a crime such a controlled substances or related instruments and /or contraband, which are unlawfully used or possessed, will be destroyed.

To avoid a wait, please call (541) 447-6398 ext. 4419 for an appointment.

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