Crook County Sheriff - Reserve deputy Requirements & Details

Mission: To supplement the Sheriff's Office staff as directed by the Sheriff

Minimum Age: 21

Probation Period: At the discretion of the Reserve coordinator and the Sheriff depending on performance.

Membership: None


Must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of Oregon.
Must be age 21 upon graduation from the Training Academy.
Must be in good physical health.
Must have no criminal convictions and have an acceptable driving record.
Must be a high school graduate or GED equivalent.
Must not belong to any subversive organization.
Must submit to a complete background investigation.
Must have no employment or school problem which could interfere with required duty time or court time.
Must be employed in an occupation that does not result in a conflict of interest with the Sheriff's Office as determined by the Sheriff. Examples of such occupations include, but are not limited to:

◾Police Officer for another agency
◾Reserve Officer for another agency
◾Private Investigator
◾Owner/operator of a security service
◾Taxi driver
◾Bartender/cocktail waitress
◾Owner of a liquor establishment

Required Training: Complete the Central Oregon Reserve Law Enforcement Training Academy, hosted by several other agencies within the area. The cost to attend the academy is 125.00 dollars.  Attend and successfully complete ongoing training as required.

Required Equipment: You must provide: (These items may change without notice)

1.Any uniform that may be required during the academy will be provided for students. These have consisted of one Polo-Style short sleeve shirt and one pair of BDU Style pants
2.Boots, gloves, handgun, flashlight, ASP, handcuffs
3.Any other authorized cold weather gear not supplied by the Sheriff's Office;
4.ALL duty gear - a list will be provided. All duty gear MUST meet departmental standards.
Additional Information: Reserve Deputies must attend court when subpoenaed. Willingness to help people and a desire to be of service to the public and the Sheriff's Office.

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